Life Purpose

Struggling to find your life purpose? Welcome to the club!

Life Purpose’ as a word sounds so heavy when you hear it. Most of the times we do not explore this topic because these concepts look very scary from outside. But when you give some amount of time to think about it, you will realize that life purpose is an overrated word. Today, internet has confused us with too much of unnecessary information. You often see those typical ‘inspirational quotes’ on Instagram Stories, ’10 ways to find your life purpose’ types of videos on YouTube or some random Albert Einstein quotes shared by your uncle on WhatsApp (with a good morning greeting).

The problem is, all these words are used alternately with one single fundamental meaning. Words like Life Purpose, Passion, Happiness, Life Goal have one common thread – that is exploring your inner-self. I’m 33 years old and somehow this question has started bothering me a lot recently. The reason I used the word ‘bothering’ because this question is always there on my mind. “What is my life purpose?”, “What is my passion?”(yes too heavy). People say that these questions start poking your mind as your grow older. This led me go through some books, some YouTube videos and some open discussions with my closed ones.

Have I found my answer? Hell no! But have I found a path to find these answers? Definitely yes. I would like to share 3 tips which I feel should work for you and me to find that ultimate answer.


Okay so this may sound little cliché but this actually works. It practically helps you think with more clarity. It is okay if you can not focus during meditation. It is okay if more thoughts start coming into your mind while doing it. All you have to do is to simply focus on your breathing while your eyes are closed. There are many apps which help you meditate better like Calm Radio or Headspace which you can play with your headphones on. If you continue this practice daily for at least 10 minutes, you will start thinking with better clarity, and that will eventually help you find answers to these questions. Normally I follow this practice when I’m most tired. Like in the evening after the workday is over, after some physical activity or after an entire day of travelling. I do not recommend doing this immediately after you have woken up from your sleep. This is because your mind is anyway more or less empty when you have woken up fresh. Try doing it when your mind has been very busy throughout the day filled with various thoughts.

Ask Provoking Questions to Yourself

Author Henri Junttila shares in his book ‘Find Your Passion : 25 Questions You Must Ask Yourself’ that asking some powerful and provoking questions to yourself will give you more clarity and access the answers that were always waiting within you. He has given some very interesting questions that actually make you think. Sometimes you have to struggle to think and find answers. And sometimes you will also feel disturbed while finding the answers. But eventually this will definitely help you to get those answers which are always looking for. Questions like ‘How do you define passion?’, How will you know when you’re living a passionate life? or ‘What do other people ask you about?’ are some of the questions which take you one step closer to the answer. Honestly, there is a simple trick. You just have to start talking to yourself. The more you talk to yourself, more answers you are likely to get. And when I say talk to yourself, you need to literally talk to yourself loud and clear. Maybe while you are alone in your room or while you are taking a walk.

Write Down Your Thoughts

This has helped me a lot. When you have multiple options running in your mind or you are not able to think clearly about Pros and Cons of your options, write them down! I would not force you to go the traditional way by saying that buy a nice pen and a diary before you do that. In today’s world this is practically tough. But in case you are the person who really like physical writing with a pen, please feel free to do so. Personally, I write down my thoughts on my mobile. It is quick, easy and efficient. It stays with you all the time and you can refer your thoughts whenever you want. I suggest using Google Keep on your phone. It is simple to use and all your notes are always synced with your Google account. If I’m working on my laptop and I have enough time, there is no option to Microsoft Word. But whichever app or software you use, the point is to write down (or type down) all your thoughts. Do not think much while writing. Let it flow naturally. Later you will realize that you have found much clarity on a topic which you could not get while just thinking about in your head.

Finally, above 3 are not the ultimate ways to find your life purpose or to find your passion. But I am very sure that following these will give you the clarity which will help you find your path eventually.

Do you already follow this? Or you suggest some more tips? Do let me know. Thank you!