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    What’s the best summer internship you’ve ever had?

    Let me take you back to the time when I experienced a unique opportunity. Back when I was pursuing my Master’s in Marketing, the talk of the town was the elusive Summer Internship. I’ll admit, I was feeling quite anxious as I was yet to secure a position. Unlike some of my peers, I hadn’t landed any leads, and the pressure was building. In our institute, students were responsible for finding their own internship opportunities, and I was doing my best, but luck seemed to be avoiding me. Then, like a stroke of serendipity, it all changed. Merely a week before the summer break, a few companies came to our…

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    How a Simple Course on Voice Over Changed My Life

    It was the month of March in 2016 and I was on an official trip to Bangalore. 2 days of work was finally over and I was waiting at the Bangalore Airport lounge for my flight back to Pune. Due to my marketing profession, I normally travel for 3 to 5 days in a month, and naturally end up spending a lot of time at airports. Bangalore Airport lounge is one of the best in India, and I love spending time there. In fact, most of the times, I reach the airport a little early so that I can spend some good time at the lounge. It was one of…

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    Convenience Learning has got a new fan. That’s me!

    You have to give it to Instagram and their ad targeting. Sometimes it works like magic. Something similar happened with me recently. I have been an Android phone user since start and somehow I resonate better with the Google ecosystem. Yes, we all know that unlike Apple, Android users are more like an ‘open book’ for the advertisers. But somehow it worked in my favor. I believe, that if the companies know you better and are able to target you with right products and services, there is nothing wrong in that. Ultimately, whether to buy that product or service is completely your choice. But at least you’ll have a choice!…