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  • Life Purpose

    Don’t Make Your Goals Rely on External Factors

    I had spoken about goals in my first ever blog. It was more about turning goals into your life purpose. Recently, when I read some more stuff on this topic, I thought I should share some more insights with you. Author Cal Newport has written a nice book called ‘Deep Work’. Deep Work teaches how to develop your focus and resist distractions. In this book, he primarily states the two types of work on which we spend our daily time on – Deep Work and Shallow Work. Deep work is something which is focused, uninterrupted and undistracted, which extracts breakthrough outcome. The best ideas and the most meaningful progress comes…

  • Life Purpose

    Struggling to find your life purpose? Welcome to the club!

    Life Purpose’ as a word sounds so heavy when you hear it. Most of the times we do not explore this topic because these concepts look very scary from outside. But when you give some amount of time to think about it, you will realize that life purpose is an overrated word. Today, internet has confused us with too much of unnecessary information. You often see those typical ‘inspirational quotes’ on Instagram Stories, ’10 ways to find your life purpose’ types of videos on YouTube or some random Albert Einstein quotes shared by your uncle on WhatsApp (with a good morning greeting). The problem is, all these words are used…